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ISTA system version

Data version R4.01

Rheingold ista-d ista-p – tested without issues, safe to use




A total of 280 feedback items have been processed as a result of changes to a diagnostic program or documents in ISTA version 4.01.

In total, the following changes have been made:

– 93 changes and corrections to SSPs

– 34 corrections in foreign language texts

– 149 changes and corrections to diagnostic programs

– 4 corrections to the software

Power train

Petrol engine: Leakage test in air intake duct

The new leakage test is implemented in the current state for the following petrol engines:

– B38, B46, B48, B58 (crosswise or lengthwise)

– N63TUE, N63TUE2, S63, N74TUE

– N18 (vehicle electrical system 2020), N20 (vehicle electrical system 2020), N55 (vehicle electrical system

  • , S55 (vehicle electrical system 2020)

Leakage test procedure:

During the leakage test, the air intake duct is inflated with the diagnosis system (air pump). The air intake duct is

considered to be tight, provided, an excess pressure of 50 mbar is achieved within 7 min.

The pressure test is carried out with the motor’s own pressure sensors.

Pressure measurement is done with the Integrated Measurement Interface Box (IMIB) only if for these pressure sensors, faults are saved or if the pressure sensors supply unplausible values.

The search for the leak is then done with the leak detector.

N63TU2 petrol engine: Service function, engine measurements

For the engine N63TÜ2 , there is now a special service function as a complement to the „diagnosis request“under „ontrol unit functions“ that permits the reading of engine measurements from both the control units of the

N63TÜ (master and slave).

The reading of the engine measurement values under the diagnosis request has the disadvantage that the measurement values of one control unit can be displayed. This is a disadvantage especially with V-engines with 2 control units, as in e.g. the N63TÜ.

Bank-specific values, such as the position of the intake camshaft for bank 1 and bank 2 or the rough running value of all cylinders, cannot be displayed at once.Bank-specific values are processed separately in the master control unit and slave control unit.

With the new service function, „ngine measurement values“ AS1214_TVDMS_MESS this disadvantage has now been remedied.

This function is available under the following path: Service function, > drivetrain, > digital motor electronics, >engine measurement values

Petrol engine: Service function, OBD scan tool for F series and G


This new service function allows reading out SAE fault codes.

SAE fault codes are emission-relevant faults that activate the malfunction indicator lamp.

The service function is available using the following path:

Petrol engine and diesel engine: Reset adaptations

The ABL to “Reset adaptations” has been restructured. A selection menu also offers targeted resets for functional parts, such as mixture adaptation or fuel system adaptation in addition to the familiar “Reset all adaptations”.


ConnectedDrive services: new “Functional limitation of

ConnectedDrive services” ABL

Malfunctions of ConnectedDrive services are evaluated using the following control unit versions (starting from


– Service functions > Drive > OBD scan tool

– Service functions > Vehicle information > OBD scan tool

The new ABL evaluates saved information on faults if a functional limitation occurred when carrying out a ConnectedDrive service. The stored fault for the functional limitations of the ConnectedDrive services always indicates an error outside the vehicle. The new ABL evaluates information on faults and displays a corresponding measure.

Rain-light-solar-condensation sensor for vehicles with junction box

electronics (JBE)

The status display and notes in the test module were optimised.

Service function for the emergency operation of the rear module, E89

The procedure of the service function was optimised and designed to be user friendly.

Front and rear front seat heating, F-series

The test modules were optimised with regard to the procedure and display of documents.

Top rear side view camera (TRSVC), F0x, F1x, RR4, RR5, RR6

Cleaning and extension of the test module with a new fault status.

Top rear side view camera (TRSVC), F0x, F1x, F3x, RR4, RR5, RR6

Extension of the test module with a manual calibration.

Camera-based driver assistance systems (KAFAS), I01, F2x, F3x,

F4x, F5x, F8x

Extension of the test module with the request for a CC message for driver assistance.

CBS vehicle data correction, all vehicles

In the test module “CBS vehicle data correction”, the point of time for maintenance can be taken over from the electronic service booklet (if available) or alternatively the production date for automatic correction, as desired.

The take over is possible for the following areas: Engine oil, brake fluid, vehicle check, front brake (CBS6), rear brake (CBS6), exhaust-gas test and vehicle inspection.

– Head Unit High from the 4th generation

– TCB from the 3rd generation

New measuring resistor for ignition circuits, all series

There is now a measuring resistor for the diagnosis of the ignition circuit, e.g. driver’s airbag. With it the risk of an incorrect measurement (short circuit jumpers of airbag) and the danger of an accidental activation due to a faulty measurement (too high of a measurement current) can be ruled out.

Additional measuring resistors for further ignition circuits with other plug connections are planned by the middle of 2016!

High-voltage electrical system

New service function for cell module, PHEV-vehicles and i vehicles

New service function for evaluation of the transportability of a cell module, after this has been removed.

Path: Service functions, > drivetrain, > hybrid vehicle, > high-voltage battery unit, > transportability of the highvoltage

battery unit: Electrical analysis

If a cell module area has already been removed and no electrical evaluation has been done via ISTA, the measured values are can be read out with the cell module-charger and entered in the service function.The service function then shows the result of the electrical evaluation. For how to proceed further for the evaluation, follow the document “Transportability as a cell module: electrical evaluation”.

Test module, high-voltage system, I01

Addition of guided troubleshooting for faults in the high-voltage interlock loop to the test module “high-voltage system”. Sporadic or permanent faults of the circuits of the high-voltage interlock loop are examined step-by-step to determine which line, connector or component is causing the fault.The fault search is based on feedback and experience.

Supplement of the remedial measure for the faults 21F241 to 21F248,


For vehicles with I level from 16-07, the following fault patterns can occur:

Follow the measure indicated by the test module: Program at I level 16-07 and then re-initialise the adaptation values of the high-voltage battery.

– Power loss when the high-voltage battery has a very low state of charge (smaller than 8%) and with running range extender

– Inhomogeneous operation of the range extender at very low state of charge of the high-voltage battery (smaller than 8%)

– Vehicle without range extender: Switching off of the high-voltage systems when driving off or accelerating, when the state of charge of the high-voltage battery is very low (smaller than 8%).


Navigation in documents via the menu bar in ISTA

Previously called-up documents are logged in a history in the menu bar of ISTA: 3rd button from the left!

If multiple documents were called up one after the other, this button becomes active. The history can be displayed in a hit list by selecting the third button from the left. It is also possible to navigate within this list and call up specific documents again.

The button to the left of the list (left arrow) indicates back. The button to the right of the list (right button) indicates forwards.

Installation location tab, terminal pin assignments and component description in ISTA

If a bookmark is present on this tab it indicates that several objects representing a single information type are valid for the selected component code.

Click on the appropriate tab with the bookmark to view the objects in sequence.

Functional wiring diagrams

Functional networks from F01 have a functional wiring diagram node. Other functional wiring diagrams are gradually expanded here.

Comment of further wiring diagrams

If information on further wiring diagrams is sought for troubleshooting, the Documents button on the bottom left n ISTA must be pressed.


The functional wiring diagrams show the functional networking of a system. This serves to take the increasing network in the vehicle through the bus systems into account. The functional wiring diagrams offer an overview of the technical correlations and are supposed to make the understandable. The functional wiring diagram are not intended as wiring diagrams for troubleshooting!


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