Free Download Renault Can Clip V164 Multilanguage

Here is the latest Renault CAN CLIP V164 software shared by a forum member. I quoted free download link here to share with all Renault Can clip users for more testing.


Free download:

Renault CAN CLIP v164 – not tested, unknown security,

Note: it’s shared by a forum member, you may try it at risk to update and please be responsible for yourself.!7wBgXByB!xnuJ_FQkwx74oHNpiolJircwc9yev1_OYG39WGhGwOo
CLIP V162 – tested, safe:


V162 Compatible device:

  1. Renault can clip with full chip AN2135SC AN2136SC (€149)
  2. CHEAPEST Renault Can Clip (€104.99)
  3. Renault Can Clip with chip AN2131QC (€115)


These 3 version perform same function like:

1 –Multi-Language:
English, German, Brazil, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish
2 – Compatible with most Renault models since 1996
3 – Model identification, read error codes, error codes erases self-scan function, etc.
4 – OBD Form 16-pin.
5 – USB 2.0
6 – Transmit software in real time to values of:
RPM, load, coolant temperature, fuel, instantaneous speed, pressure intake manifold, injection time, air temperature, butterfly position, values Lambda probe, fuel pressure, etc.
7 – Registration of securities (logging)
8 – Access to technical documents
9 – Airbag Testing
10 – Testing of mechanical components
11 – Multimeter

Their difference is the high quality chips on the PCB board. Welcome to check it at


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