Free download & setup Renault Can Clip V188.0.3 for New ZOE and Captur II

In this article, you can free download Can Clip V188.0.3 which is tested working with 2019 New ZOE and Captur II, after that you can refer to the Clip V188.0.3 Win7 installation guide.


Clip V188.0.3 new updates:

New ZOE and Captur II

WIN 7 8 10 works



Free download Can clip V188:



Security: unknown, since it is shared on MHH forum.


Look here, this is verified source:

Can clip interface /RLT2002 clone (SP19-D & SP19-B) : Succeed

Can clip interface (SP19-A SP19-C: Failure

Nissan consult 3 (Renault Alliance VI): Failure


How to install Renault Can Clip V188.0.3 on Win7 step by step?

OS: win8 10 is working too.

 youtube video:

How to active Clip V188:

Click on “Crack Renault Clip” to active can clip.

renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-01 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-02 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-03


On the desktop, click on “188_0_3_0”, then “setup”.


Launch Clip V188, click on “First Installation”.



Accept the agreement.


Tick off ” Other Countries”.


Tick off the language you desire. Clip V188 language is multiple choice: English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish


Tick off “Always trust software from …”, click on “Install”.



Microsoft Primary Interoperability Assemblies 2005.

renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-10 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-11


After a while, the computer will prompt you to shut down automatically.



How to register Can clip V188.0.3?  

Right click on “Clip” on the desktop, choose “Properties”

Click on “Open file location”, find out “RSRWin”, right click and choose “Copy” and paste it on the desktop.

Click on the folder “Activation (Patch V2)”, right click on “RSRWin” and choose “Copy”, then paste the “RSRWin” in “Disk C-> Clip_x91->Lib->Application”.

Click on “RSRWin” in “Disk C-> Clip_x91->Lib->Application”, tick off “I understand and accept the license contract above”, click on “Register me now”, click on “No”, click on “Confirm” after entering the unlocking code.

Registration succeed.

Again cut “RSRWin” on the desktop and paste it to “Disk C-> Clip_x91->Lib->Application”.

renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-13 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-14 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-15 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-16 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-17 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-18 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-19


Simple demo on how does Can clip V188 read DTCs for Renault Twingo Phase 2:

Open Clip.


Click on “OK” after reading Clip V188 new features.

renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-20 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-21 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-22


Input the Vehicle information.


Click on “Petrol Injection” first, clip V188.0.3 can access to also ABS, GAS INJ. Variable P.A.S.

renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-24 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-25


Fault test.

renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-26 renault-can-clip-v188-0-3-installation-on-win7-27


It’s your time to diagnose New ZOE and Captur II with Can clip V188.0.3.


Good luck.