How to install Renault CAN CLIP Mac OS X


Thread: Renault CAN CLIP worked on Macbook Pro or Air?



CLIP works perfect on Macbook Air 2013 / os x 10.9.x / vmware fusion / windows xp sp3 as guest . When you connect interface you have 2 devices (ISO+CAN) that have to be detected inside the virtual machine.



I managed install Clip 146 on MacBook Air with VMWARE FUSION and Windows 7 32 bit.
It works well.



I have a running Windows 7 on a virtual machine over Mac OS X Yosemite with Parallels.
When I connect my CAN Clip, Windows doesn’t recognize the hardware.
Windows can’t detect the unit. But I tested the CAN Clip in a native Windows 7 and It was detect without problems.


[HELP] how to help Windows (Virtual Machine) to detect my sonde ?

Verify the usb connection is enable on the virtual machine on the lower-right side.


[VIDEO] how to run Renault CLIP diagnostic software on Macbook Pro?

[NOTE] Renault CAN CLIP what windows can work on?


Renault CAN CLIP windows 7: YES

Renault CAN CLIP windows XP: YES


Renault CAN CLIP windows 8: need luck

Renault CAN CLIP windows 8.1: need luck

Renault CAN CLIP windows 10: need luck