Renault CAN CLIP Programming: Yellow PCB vs Green PCB

  There are five Chinese versions of Renault CAN CLIP 169 diagnostic tool, which best? The yellow PCB version or the green version?   Renault CAN CLIP china clone: what confirmed: Renault clip v169 Windows 7: Confirmed OBDII diagnostics: Confirmed Reprogramming: Confirmed   !!!!!!! Continue Reading →

Actia Multi diag Review: works OK with Renault, BMW, etc.


I-2016 Actia Multidiag review… Works perfectly with Renault, BMW, Opel, BMW X5, Citroen C5, Pug 301, American Ford, Audi, etc.   Actia multi diag interface i have   Actia multi diag price: €229.95 (acceptable for me) Actia multi diag download via No need actia mu Continue Reading →

06.2016 Newest Renault CAN CLIP V158 Software Free Download

This is the latest Renault CAN CLIP v158 software shared by a forum member. Put it here for more to free download and test. Renault CAN CLIP v158 – unknown security:!wM4VxLrL!_SqgXmabTCO0fQSkuJG4ERS1ks7tSTMk8iJSOKc4kaE CLIP v157 – safe: Continue Reading →

FAQ and solution of Renault CAN CLIP v157 Diagnostic Tool

Recently, according to customer’s feedback, there lies a lot of problems of v157 CAN CLIP, including different aspects, so here is a summary about these troubles and relevant solutions. 1.FAQ in installation Q: How to install Renault software? A: When you install the software, firstly please ex Continue Reading →

Renault CAN CLiP 157 tests OK on TWINGO PHASE 2

This is the first test result of Renault CAN CLiP 157 from China. Obd2express tested it on TWINGO PHASE 2 and no issues. Here, share the CLiP 157 software and installation instruction here. Free download CAN CLIP 157:!tl9jCKZQ!xENGQPnKYvbvJTay_-xhvI2vk1Ord2fsh_ymfJ22SMg Disclaim Continue Reading →

Renault CAN CLiP V155 Full Multilanguage Free download

This is for Renault CAN CLiP V155 Full torrent free download.   CLICK to free download CLIP 155 torrent Files included: *Activation (Pactch 3) *OLD CAN-CLIP (Sonde.. *KEYGEN *Renault Clip V155.iso (Note: it’s offered by a forum member, you may be at risk t Continue Reading →

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