(Solved) My Renault Can Clip SP19-A did not support a MAJ

Everything is in the title: My probe Renault Can Clip (SP19-A) bought at the beginning of the year worked very well, but I had not used it since the summer. When I launched the app this week end, he indicated an error message, then tried to do a firmware update (I had yet put on 4 indicator Quivabien, but this was not enough seems he: besides, the messages that appeared were not those that others mention).

In any case, now she is cracked. When I plug it into my computer, it no longer appears any device, but only an unidentified hub (which must be the common part to 4 devices that were supposed to appear).

I was already on the V174 (which worked well, until this problem, and continues to open normally).


Is there anything to do to avoid buying a whole? I read somewhere on the internet that it was possible to change one of the chips? (not the cypress, but a Motorola) Some of you have they done (and succeeded) that?


Possible reason:

I really think the problem is in the probe, now, because the device manager sees nothing when I plug it except a hub. If it was just a driver pb, he would see behind unknown devices, each with its VID and PID


Finally Solved:

Finally my probe works perfectly! I read that the standard procedure requires to connect not only the USB side + 5V but also the side of the vehicle + 12V. By doing so, it starts well
The funny thing is that when I received it and started to use it, I could start the probe without the 12V, (that is, the two red lights already lighted up with only USB, and that seems to have changed.


Credits to a real user of www.obdexpress.co.uk 

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