Renault CAN CLIP Programming: Yellow PCB vs Green PCB


There are five Chinese versions of Renault CAN CLIP 169 diagnostic tool, which best? The yellow PCB version or the green version?


Renault CAN CLIP china clone: what confirmed:

Renault clip v169 Windows 7: Confirmed

OBDII diagnostics: Confirmed

Reprogramming: Confirmed


!!!!!!!Renault CAN CLIP programming can be done only with YELLOW PCB version (SP19-E). GREEN versions failed!


Newest: Renault CAN CLIP programming interface with item no. SP19-E


 2017-renault-can-clip-pcb-sp19-e-1 2017-renault-can-clip-pcb-sp19-e-2 2017-renault-can-clip-pcb-sp19-e-3 2017-renault-can-clip-pcb-sp19-e-4


Best-quality: Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool with item no. SP19-A




Hottest: Renault CLIP diagnostic interface with item no. SP19-B

sp19-b-renualt-can-clip-pcb-1 sp19-b-renualt-can-clip-pcb-2



Cheapest: Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface with item no. SP19-D





High-quality: Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface with item no. SP19-C

sp19-C-renualt-can-clip-PCB-1 sp19-C-renualt-can-clip-PCB-2




Read the following tips if you decide to buy items from China.

Tip 1: Quality & Price

In China, you can get anything – at/for any price, problem is that you will have to accept the quality. “You get what you pay for” – And this is more or less true, there will be always someone somewhere “trying to” do it for less, but there are thresholds and once you step under them, you will have to suffer from the results. Quality of a product also depends on the material you purchase (You can’t simply make gold out of wood)

Tip 2: Reasons for low costs

The only reason why the obdii diagnostic cables are made in China is because 90% of the materials (micro-controllers and ICs) come from there. That is, it’s mainly about cost, most people would not be ready to pay 3-4 times the price just for the device being made in Europe or the US.

So, items are produced in high quantity and cost saving here