Renault CAN CLIP ISO no communication error fixed

Some Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool users reported that they had ISO communication error when using the device. Here is the proper solution provided.

1) When I connect the Renault CAN Clip to the OBD diagnostic socket and with PC via USB port, it gave me just 2 indicators, but the green ISO indicator does not flash, and no communication with the probe.

2) I first installed the CAN CLIP software on my Dell Win XP SP3 laptop, Software installation went ok, so did registration. Then I connected Can Clip interface to laptop and to car. Computer found USB device and driver were installed. Then second USB device and again, driver were installed. Then no more USB devices were found. I tried all other USB ports in laptop with same result. I uninstalled Can Clip software and re-installed it on another laptop with same result.
Possible reason:
1)Driver issue
2)Hardware problem

1) Driver issue
You need to copy all the CAN CLIP drivers in a directory.

After that allow the hardware wizard to find these automatically. You have to do it for each driver. (About 4-5 times). When you plug your probe, do you hear a noise like “ding dong” If the driver has not been fully installed, the only read light flashes. Follow the software installation video to install the software correctly:
During this procedure make sure your hardware connected to OBD socket of a car.

If these procedures do not work, your Renault CAN CLIP device is defected.

2)Hardware issue
You probably have bad flash chip or bad soldering, or bad oscillator, or, you name it of your clone Renault CAN CLIP.

There is one 32K oscillator on each of the CAN and ISO firmware boards.

Some Renault CAN CLIP users have tested the fault where the green ISO LED would not light and the CLIP cable would not communicate with the vehicle. Changing this oscillator fixed the problem. They sell for around $4 on Ebay.
Better to choose the best quality Renault CAN CLIP Gold PCB with AN2135SC Chip