FAQ and solution of Renault CAN CLIP v157 Diagnostic Tool

Recently, according to customer’s feedback, there lies a lot of problems of v157 CAN CLIP, including different aspects, so here is a summary about these troubles and relevant solutions.
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1.FAQ in installation
Q: How to install Renault software?
A: When you install the software, firstly please exit the antivirus software, and you’d better install it on the computer with XP system, then follow our instruction and video to install Renault CAN CLIP driver.

Q: For Renault CAN CLIP’s installation, how to change English into French for me?
A: You should choose your language while installing the software. Otherwise, you can’t change language selected after installation is finished. In this condition, so you must need to reinstall the software and select French.

Q: Renault CAN CLIP V127 used to work normally. After the software is reinstalled, it always pops up a register window “You must register by your mobile phone”.
A: The message means that you didn’t install the software successfully. If you fail to install the software, you will not register it in success , but the software needs to be registered after you reinstall it, so maybe you should watch Renault CAN CLIP installation video and reinstall it.
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2.FAQ in testable type
Q: Whether Renault CAN CLIP can be used for analyzing and testing the state of 2003 year later Renault Megane II, including testing the switch of electric windows.
A: Sure, it is no problem.

Q: It is said that PCB CAN CLIP (sp19-b) to have been displayed which has same devices with Alliance and also supports Nissan car, is equipped with Bluetooth- module. That is true?
A: Yes, it’s truth. The CAN CLIP (sp19-b) will support Nissan car so long as you install v09.021 software, but please note that you don’t install the two type software on the one computer.

Q: Whether Renault CAN CLIP (sp19-b) supports 2001 Renault 100ci?
A: It would support car but not truck in any year.

3.FAQ in usage
Q: For Renault CAN CLIP, all four indicator lights would be flash under normal condition, but
when I enter the diagnosis menu, the can indicator will light off, which results in failing to establish connection, and the other lights keep on flashing. However, I can’t use it on my car, What should I do?
A: Here are two solutions: 1) Try to install the software on a laptop, no connection with power.2)Try to diagnose K-line protocol car, if it works on the car but not diagnose canbus car, you can return it back to us for check with found question.

Q: It’s unable to communicate with anything when Renault CAN CLIP comes into programming pattern. What is the matter?
A: Our Renault CAN CLIP only supports diagnosis not involves programming.

Q: Sp19-b can clip v146 was connected with computer, not be found. Then, he unloaded the software and reinstalled it, but the problem that LED light was still off when the device was connected with car continues to arise. Besides, he tried to install the software to other computers and different cars, and changed the USB to connect.To his surprise, it’s still useless. So is there any problem of the device?
A: If the device is connected with different cars and computers, all LED lights are off. please return it back to us for a check.

Q: Can clip shows “unable to test”, but drivers has been installed already and four lights of host computer both flash. What is wrong?
A: You should check your can of car and try to test it on older car in k-line.

Q: Device is connected to the car and four lights are on, but there is Prompt for this content: 5800 window, units of measurement appear 104Error.
A: About chip, please check whether clip supply is connected well, the connection indicator light flashes in green in normal condition. For 5800, Please check the power supply is connected successfully, the normal connection indicator light flashes in red. If it is any problem of these two situations: you should reconnect, then wait about 10 seconds before verification.In short words, Please follow the next two instructions to solve the problem:
1).The installed software can’t run in your computer system stably, the reason is no communication between the software and the device in the beginning.
2). the computer’s USB interface does not work, try to use another one or check whether the device is stable.
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