How To Do BMW X3 E83 Steering Angle Learning With Launch x431 v Diagnostic Tablet

Launch X431 pro function:

After the replacement of steering angle sensor, it is necessary to encode the steering angle sensor, then adjust it.

How to do bmw x3 e83 steering angle learning with Launch x431 v diagnostic tablet Operation procedure here:


Select Manually select-> x series-> x3_e83-> chassis

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (1)

Enter ABS (anti-lock brake system-dsc) system

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (2)

Select Special function

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (3)


launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (4)

Select Steering angle learning

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (5)

The steering angle must be calibrated as reference

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (6)

After successful calibration, it prompts the info as below

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (7)

The end of test module

launch-x431-v-steering-angle-learning-on-BWM-X3 (8)