Free Download Toyota Techstream v11.30.124 (No Pass)







Here, download Toyota Techstream TIS v11.30.124 diagnostic software for Toyota/Lexus customization, diagnostic tests, key programming, ecu programming…


Techstream download:

Toyota Techstream v11.30.124.exe

NO password required! But not tested yet by pros.


Techstream 10.30.029 crack

Tested! Works good in cutomerization & diagnostic tests withtechstream diagnostic cable:MINI VCI


Techstream 10.30.029 download

No issues of toyota techstream key programming& online ECU programming via VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota through WIFI


Here, techstream 10.30.029 key is not required! It’s techstream keygen activation crack.


Both work ok (customize/diagnose/program ecu/make keys) in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, ect. running on both Windows XP and Windows 7



Case: Teachstream customize Lexus ES330 2005 through mini vci cable


First customized setting: Unlock 2 Operations: OFF

plug Mini VCI cable’s 16 pin connector into car’s OBD2 port and plug the other end to laptop USB port.


turn ignition on and run Techstream.

Click on “Connect to vehicle” and display the car information automatically


go on to System Selection Menu

many options available: Engine, SRS, ABS, Immobilizer, Body and door…


click on “Customize Setting”

somecustomize many functions there…


chose “Wireless Door Lock”

The “Unlock 2 Operations” parameter is on which allowed to press remote two times to open all car doors.

But to turn this function off. Click on “OFF” and the green arrow button

then click on “Next” to confirm this change.


After that this function was tested off!

first customized setting OK!


Second customized setting: Unlock/ Pack: ON

to set car doors lock when my car went into park, go to “Unlock/ Pack” and turn it on.

Same operation clicked “ON” then green arrow button to change that.


The second customized setting OK!


Third customized setting: Unlock/ Pack: ON

To get the interior light

Click on “Illuminated Entry” and turned the item “ACC Lock” to “ON”.


The third customized setting also OK!