How to Program LEXUS RX350 2014 Remote Key with Techstream

This is a tutorial on how to program keys for LEXUS RX350 2014 with cheap Xhorse MINI VCI cable and TIS Techstream. Total cost €23.99, help to save RX350 owners tons of money.


what you need?

  1. Xhorse MINI VCI single cable€23.99, free shipping at
  2. TIS Techstream (running on WinXP): Ver 8.11.006 or higher ( you can download LATEST V10.30.029 from our official blog)
  3. An old(registered) key and new keys

Vehicle model and year: Lexus RX350 2014



Insert MINI VCI 16 pin connector into car OBDII port, another side of VCI cable connect with laptop


Insert the registered key and switch ignition on

Then run Techstream and click “Connect to Vehicle”


It will initialize USB communication and connect to vehicle, wait for a little while

Then select required car information and press “Next” to continue


It will come to system selection menu, choose “Body Electrical”, then double click “Smart Access”


Select “Utility” option, then double click “Smart Code Registration”


Techstream will show you this introduction, Press “Next” after all check boxes are checked


Preparation before work, you need a registered key and new keys (to be registered)

Then press “Next”


Click “Pre-Start CHK” to review registration process, close the pop-out interface then click “Start” button to begin registration


Touch ENG SW button with a registered key


The old key is moved out of the vehicle, touch ENG SW with a new key(Metal part), and the new key(remote key part) is then placed in the right seat area.


mini-vci-techstream-program-lexus-rx350-key-10 mini-vci-techstream-program-lexus-rx350-key-11

Finally, the key code registration is complete


Done! MINI VCI cable + Techstream program key for LEXUS RX350 successfully! Try to enjoy the new key.