Techstream 12.02.24 download: crack, activated, no pass

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How to install Techstream software 12.20.024 Windows 7:

1 Install the program

2 replace the MainMenu.exe

3 use this key to register

Techstream 12.02.24 is testing….

_Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-1 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-2 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-3 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-4 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-5 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-6 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-7 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-8 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-9 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-11 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-12

Tested with MINI VCI (item no.SV46-B)


Tested with MINI VCI cable (item no.SV46-D)


Tested with Mangoose VCI (item no. SV46-C)


Tested with VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota


Test result: Toyota Techstream 12.20.024 is tested successfully!!

with Toyota Techstream cables (Mini vci or Mangoose vci), you can customize your car;

with Vxdiag vcx nano Toyota,  you can not only have customization but do programming via WIFI.