Discussion: VVDI MB adds new keys & ESL unlocked

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Thread: I have added an extra key to 2 separate 2005 E classes with VVDI-MB

Both the original key stopped starting the vehicle.

The remote on the original key works, but will not turn in ignition.

New key works fine.

How can I prevent this from happening in the future?


Maf Raoaf i used data acquisition on VVDI-MB it asked me to put original key in eis a few times then into the VVDI MB tool for 10 mins. then uploaded data for password.


Martin Atkinson I had this with a vito van, I just renewed the customers key and wrote a new key file to it, took 5 mins max


Maf Raoaf I think that is because during your online process, the ESL did not open while inserting the original key into EIS. You should wait or insert it many times till ESL is opened, so that the process would complete successfully.


Martin Atkinson Do you mean leave the original key in the ignition to activate it again?


Maf Raoaf No dear, I mean, at each stage of inserting the original key into EIS, you should hear the ESL turned on (Unlocked).


I remember vvdi asked me if ESL is unlocked or not,

if not, you should take it out and then re-insert it into EIS.


Martin Atkinson I don’t remember if it unlocked every time or it asking if the esl was unlocked or not


Frank Keys I was thinking this was the issue also. I had asked previously on here about the esl unlocking and I gathered that it didn’t matter if it unlocked at that point, but now I know for sure.


The software specifically asks make sure the esl is synced, yes or no, if you click no a 5 second countdown begins and then it asks same question. So lesson is dont press yes if it hasn’t unlocked. I assume you press no and reinsert the key each time until it unlocks, but the software doesn’t say to do that.


Martin Atkinson Ahh that was my bad then, I pressed yes and was quite confused as to why the Eis wouldn’t be synched to the car but I know now for future it means is the Eis unlocked


Maf Raoaf Yes m8s, that is the reason.

Yesterday happened with me with W211, and at final stage of reading EIS data, it asked if ESL is UnLocked or Not.

And it was still locked after inserting the original key, so I kept saying No and inserting the key again & again till ESL is Unlocked, then resumed the process by pressing Yes, and everything was Fine with all keys!