How to change Mercedes remote frequency from 315mhz to 433mhz?

How to change Mercedes remote frequency from 315mhz to 433mhz, and the opposite… the machine to use is VVDI MB and Keydiy.

vvdi-mb-keydiy-change-mercedes-remote-315mhz-and-433mhz-01 vvdi-mb-keydiy-change-mercedes-remote-315mhz-and-433mhz-02

Press the Mercedes remote key upper button and Keydiy display the frequency 314.99(mhz)

Put this remote key into the slot of VVDI MB.

Click on VVDI tool “Other Function”, then “Set key remote frequency”.

Select “433MHz” and then “Set Frequency”.

Set Frequency successfully.

Press “Unlock / lock” button of Mercedes key, then Keydiy display 433(mhz).

vvdi-mb-keydiy-change-mercedes-remote-315mhz-and-433mhz-03 vvdi-mb-keydiy-change-mercedes-remote-315mhz-and-433mhz-04 vvdi-mb-keydiy-change-mercedes-remote-315mhz-and-433mhz-4 vvdi-mb-keydiy-change-mercedes-remote-315mhz-and-433mhz-6 vvdi-mb-keydiy-change-mercedes-remote-315mhz-and-433mhz-7 vvdi-mb-keydiy-change-mercedes-remote-315mhz-and-433mhz-8


In the same way, change 433mhz to 355mhz.


That’s all.