Otosys IM600 – Possible to add remotes to 2014 Ford Fusion?

Customer puzzle:

Can I use Otosys Im600 to program a smart to my car? Ford Fusion year 2014


Obdexpress.co.uk customer service:

Yes, yours is in the list. You can make it.

Btw, if your car is listed in the AuroDiag Otosys IM100 or IM600 car list, try again and you will have success.


Here is the test report of Otosys IM600 on you model, 2014 Ford Fusion…


The car


The blade key to be programmed


Selected the car: 2014 Ford Fusion

Ford – Manual selection – USA – Fusion – 2013-2018 (IT’S 2014)


Otosys Im600 started to add a remote

(the same as Otosys IM100)

Blade key – Immobilizer (CAN) – Add keys


Had to learn and erase keys before add a new keys

otosys-im600-ford-fusion-2014-14 otosys-im600-ford-fusion-2014-15 otosys-im600-ford-fusion-2014-19 otosys-im600-ford-fusion-2014-20

Failed to learn keys…

Then tried again

otosys-im600-ford-fusion-2014-23 otosys-im600-ford-fusion-2014-28

Success! Managed to learn keys: 2 and programmed a new key

Now keys: 3

Job’s done!


If you interested in Auro IM600,pls contac with:

1. Online Customer Service

2. Email: sales@OBDexpress.co.uk

3. Skype: obd2express.co.uk

4. WhatsApp: +86-18750906257