Reviews on Edc15c11 Read write with kess, ktag, mpps, galletto

To read and write Bosch edc15c11 for a Volvo xc90 2.4d5 2005 model, which ecu programmer? how? what about kess, ktag, mpps etc?


  1. MPPS: worked

Only boot mode
I’m did this ECU in boot with MPPS 


  1. Kess V2 via bootmode: worked

I made a few of these ECUs from Kess V2 via bootmode without any problems.

Guide: Use the help files of ksuite… its easy…

Ksuite Guide 01

  1. fgtech galletto: worked

I read EDC15C11 just a few days ago with fgtech galletto

and used the diagram posted below:

No problem reading/writing. FYI, you have to make checksum before writing new file, since galletto does not support chksum correction on these ECUs



  1. MPPS: worked too

Mpps in bootmode, use bosch generic protocol. Works fine done it several times.
Ore you can desolder chip and use a eprom programmer.
I had no sucsess with kess ore ktag. Ktag would only write backup, and not the 29f200 only.
I use ktag to make backup, and read and write 29f200 with mpps in bootmode.


  1. fgtech galletto on boot mode… very easy.

Read documents boot mode fgtech…

Galletto On Boot Mode Edc15c11 03


Good luck!