How to register SVCI ING BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic Software?

One user feedback he received SVCI ING software “BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic” from, when he downloaded and installed, he got a window asking him to input email and password (Image blow).


How to do?

He is supposed to register a member for BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic.

  1. Browse the official site:


  1. Click on “Downloads”, download ” BAOCHI_Cloud_Diagnostic_PC” .

or download from mega:

Size: 62.0MB


  1. Install “BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic”, it is easy to do by following the on-screen guide.


  1. Register a member and login: Open “BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic ” on the desktop, it will pops up a window to login, for the first time to use, register a member is required, please search the device Bluetooth, enter the email address, the activation code, the password.


  1. Next is to access to Nissan / Infiniti / GTR / Datsun / Renault to diagnose, do immobilization, reprogram module etc.

Watch Youtube Video:


Register Svci Ing Baochi Cloud Diagnostic 02 Register Svci Ing Baochi Cloud Diagnostic 03


SVCI ING BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic Software tech support: