How to use Tech 2 to delete the F45/F55 option

January 4, 2018 sales 0

Here, I would write up a summary and share my experiences of using Tech 2 scanner to delete the F45 option.   To delete F/45 you have 3 options: 1. spend $200+ or – on simulator plug-ins to go in the shock sensor plugs. 2. Install 10W 10 Ohm wire wound resistors (from Radioshack) into Continue Reading →

GM Tech2

Tech 2 TIS2000 add DDM to 2004 Sabb 9-3 Sport

October 5, 2017 sales 0

      GM Tech 2 manual.. It’s about how to add a driver door module (DDM) to 2004 Sabb 9-3 Sport, incl. Program DDM, Enable Comfort Open/Close, Learn Pinch. Attach detailed instructions here. Hopefully, it’s helpful to someone.   Device: Tech 2 scanner (original or HQ clone) Continue Reading →