Tech 2 TIS2000 Cannot Connect with Error 666 (SOLVED)

Tried to do SPS/TIS programming, etc. with my GM Tech 2 scanner. But I cant get it to work when i connected to my PC with windows XP system! Stupid serial ports, I don’t know why GM has not made the Tech 2 USB yet. Most computers don’t even come with legacy ports anymore.

It’s almost as if the Tech 2 knows the PC is there, but the PC doesn’t know the Tech 2 is there. Because when I plug it in and turn on the Tech 2, it says “waiting for download” for a second on the tech 2 screen. When I try to connect with the PC, it hangs for a second then says “cannot connect“.

Surfed the Internet and read many posts.

And finally found that there is a setting that is kind of hard to find that will set COM port.


Normal TIS2000 software that comes with it requires a USB security dongle. Go figure. TIS2000 is COM yet the security is USB. This REALLY screws up things sometimes.

If you do need the dongle and don’t have one, it will error with:
E666: Access to Service Programming Server was denied.

I happened to meet with this issue before. This can also mean it doesn’t “see” the dongle, and you forgot to install the dongle driver.