Mangoose Pro GM II – what you should know before purchase?

Look here: Mangoose Pro GM II functions and features – YOU HAVE TO KNOW before purchase


The clone abilities: same as the original

The china clone Mongoose Pro GM II is verified to work perfectly like the original from Drew Tech, used for diagnostics and programming, module recovery and reprogramming.


In detail…


Plug and play: yes!

The Mangoose Pro GM II is plug and play. Make sure to install the Tech2Win driver if you want to use the application.


GM diagnostics and programming: confirmed!

Mangoose Pro GM II will work with SPS, GDS2 and Tech2Win.


Module recover and reprogramming: confirmed!

Even the cheap Mangoose China clone is able to recover and reprogram modules perfectly and works with the newer h***ed 2017 GDS2!!!


SPS programming speed: fast!

The MongoosePro GM II appears to flash as quickly as the MDI.
The MongoosePro GM II is definitely quicker than the Tech 2.

The MDI cost 4x more than the MongoosePro GM II but it is not 4x faster.


“Data Bus Diagnostic”: compatible!

Drew Tech has stated that as of early March 2015, the Mongoose Pro GM and the CarDAQ-M are both compatible with GM’s “Data Bus Diagnostic” Tool software.


Tech2win, GDS2, SPS: compatible!

The Mongoose Pro GM II ALMOST does everything the MDI does.

– Module reflashing with SPS
– Diagnostics with Tech2Win software
– Diagnostics with GDS2 software.


Mongoose Pro II vs GM MDI:

GM Mangoose PRO only for Opel/Vauxhall/GM with Tech2Win and GDS2.
Full coverage diagnostic and SPS programming
GM MDI can be use as a passthru for other software too
This is one of the difference
Both are good


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