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How to install Launch EasyDiag software

April 5, 2016 sales 0

It is aimed to help download and install Launch Easy Diag software. The EasyDiag app is free to download in Android Play Store. Step 1: Turn on your Android Smart Device. Step 2: Go into the Google or Android Play Store (Google Play): Google Play can be found in the following url as well: http: Continue Reading →

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How to connect Launch EasyDiag adapter

April 4, 2016 sales 0

Here’s Launch EasyDiag mux connection instruction. Hope this helps. NOTE: 1. Remove connector once testing and/or diagnosis is complete; 2. Maybe it is difficult to plug or unplug connector in some vehicles because of the varied position of the DLC, but auxiliary connector can help you to avoid Continue Reading →

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Original LAUNCH X431 5C VS X431 V

August 12, 2015 sales 0

Launch X431 V is well-known among professional automotive technicians. Recently, Launch Company release a new malfunction diagnostic device named X431 5C and soon sparked heated debate in the forums. Manufacture claim X431 5C share the same function with X431 V and cover as the same vehicle model Continue Reading →