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VCM 2 Ford IDS V101 V100 Full Free Download

April 23, 2016 sales 0

Hello, folks. China Ford IDS nowadays has been updated to version 101.01. Sources is shared from a forum. Now, i put it here for you all to download Ford IDS V101 V100 full version. Free download: IDS-100.01_Full.exe (tested ok) IDS-101.01_Full.exe (developed but not tested yet) Ford-ids-98.01.zi Continue Reading →

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Ford Land Rover VCM II Clone PCB Review

April 19, 2016 sales 0

Hello, guys. Share VCM 2 purchase exprience with you all here. I bought clone vcm at obd2express (SP177-G)… I have to say, too many types of vcm from China, some for two vehicles & some for one only, some with wifi & some not, some of Quality A & some not…. Finally, decide Continue Reading →

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How to install VCMII JRL V143 in Windows XP

November 12, 2015 sales 0

This is the latest installation instruction on Land Rover and Jaguar Software SSD V143 for VCM2 diagnostic tool. Compatible device: VCM2 for Ford V97 Land Rover & Jaguar V142 2 in 1 Mongoose JLR143 installation steps include: Preparation Part 1 Install SDD Part 2 Install VDF_JA Part 3 Instal Continue Reading →