How to use Ford VCM 2 unit with Mazda IDS software

Vcm2 model:SP177-C1


Mazda IDS installation: Success


Issues: Mazda ids can see the vcm but it won’t connect to the car.


What tried:

I tried the old trick which involves copying ford’s vcm manger files to the Mazda folder.
Mazda ids can see the vcm but it won’t connect to the car.

I tried it with latest Bosch vcm manager and ford ids 104.1 and Mazda ids 103.5

My ford and Mazda ids are not on the same partition so I simply copied the file from a partition to the other one, taking care to rename the folder to Mazda-vcm…..




All I did was install Ford software and uninstalled Mazda vcm 2 software then reboot and it’s working


Download: Ford vcm 2 patch for Mazda ids:!w1RTEJxZ!WsurneZSO9lkwR9CzF_sAO0TF6v2LStf-FyMR6ZBB-Y


Reference: How to use Ford VCM II with Mazda IDS: 

I tried and works!!!


  1. install Ford IDS-86.01A
  2. After Restar the computer Open Control panel, Opel “add/remove program”, Choose IDS and unistall IDS
  3. After Restart , install Mazda IDS V91
  4. After Restart

Copy all files from C:\Program\Bosh\VTX-VCI\VCI Software (Ford-VCM-Ⅱ)

And paste them to C:\Program\Bosh\VTX-VCI\VCI Software (Mazda-VCM-Ⅱ)


Choose replace ALL


Run VCI Software (Mazda-VCM-Ⅱ)


Connect VCM II


When it shows Repair USB, click Repair USB


Choose “try again”,wait


Then it will be ok .