Ford IDS 108 107 106 100 98 download: 100% Tested & Works Good

Free download Ford IDS software v107 v106 v100 v98 on Mega:


Ford IDS98 VM.rar 1.42 GB!QYcDALhL!O8ibp-syZzPcc99vthyhGRoQ3lUQpUHYb74d9omK_1A


Ford IDS V100!9wRz1Bha!WAs4sDRy4sqhyJLtQnTyiA


Ford IDS 106!FddzWSoI!s9ViguqHPgZI_inOo6ODuA


Ford IDS 107!Ud8wETyB!uKd5hVxNv_Tbbqo18BUhCA


Released by VXDIAG VCX NANO Allscanner


Security: tested and safe to use

Functions: confirmed to work no issues in obd2 diagnostic and ecu programming


Can be used with Vxdiag Vcx Nano Ford diagnostic tool


If you want IDS software for VCM 2 units, you have two options


Free option:

You can get free download link of IDS v107 and older versions on


Tested option:

As for the newest IDS v108 software, you have to spend some pennies with it.

Cheapest method: 29.99 usd

Easiest method: IDS with an internal hard drive


Both tested no issues on Ford vehicles

Diagnostic and module programming: Confirmed!

Works good with VCM2 clone units, incl. VCM 2 SP177-C1

In detail..

Look here: