Flash ECU and delete DPF with BDM100 clone ECU tuning kit

Here is a detail instruction on flashing ECU and deleting DPF with BDM100 CMD clone ECU tuning kit.

You will need:
1. BDM100 ECU programmer interface
2. A Windows XP laptop to load with BDM software
3. A power supply able to provide good regulated 12 V
4. Good tipped soldering iron with good solder and flux
5. A freeware hex editor

Vehicle model:
Car DPF equipped S40N/C30/V50 2.0D PSA engine with SID803 ECU

1) Remove ECU from car (passenger side wheelarch in UK, driver side rest of Europe)
2) Open the ECU gently
3) Connect the BDM100 ECU programmer with computer
4) Install the BDM drivers and software (v12.55). Connect ECU to BDM100, do not connect the power supply to BDM100 interface as this is for other ECU that can be powered from BDM, since we are powering externally this is not needed.
5) Run BDM software and press connect. Make a full read from you ecu 2-3 times and compare files in hex editor, don’t continue until you have verified 2-3 reads as identical bit by bit matches (this file can also be used to clone/restore your ecu in case it breaks so keep it in a safe place)
6) Now do the same but this time read only MPC / MPC555 part (this is where we will do the changes). When you are 100 % sure you have a good read open the mpc file in a hex editor.
You will be changing a lot of 01 to 00.

You need to change the 1 to 0 to the following hex addresses in the file:

4A260 4A262 4A273 4A274 4A28B 4A28C 4A28D 4A28E 4A28F 4A2C8
4A2F2 4A2F3 4A2F5 4A2FC 4A302 4A311 4A31C 4A327 4A35C 4A7FE
4A82E 4A82F 4A855 4A856 62D8F 62DAF
The ones staring with 4 are the error codes for various DPF sensors and triggers, we are disabling to not have DTCs if you run out of EOLYS, DPS sensor breaks and so on.. The 2 last actually tells the ECU it’s a DPF free version. If some of the addresses already are 00 leave them as they are.

When you have changed all the addresses from 01 to 00 the save the file with a new file name (eg. dpf_free.mpc or .bin).

7) Then choose to upload only MPC part (advanced tab/button) and press Write, the program will automatically correct the checksum for you.

8) When flashed (5-20 minutes) , connect ECU to car , and fire it up , if it runs for more than 10 sec congratulations job well done, if not try flashing again or pressing correct checksum button.

NOTE: the BDM100 interface indicator light flashes only when connect ECU to car.

If all is well then empty out the DPF and forget that you car ever had one, don’t drive around with a dpf with filter element in it since you will eventually blow your turbo / engine due to too high backpressure.

Also you will get 1-2 DTCs for software mismatch in ECM and CEM when you read codes with Volvo Vida DICE diagnostic scanner, this happens with all altered software, even from pro tunes , you will not get a DTC light and no limp home , just ignore the DTC codes you cannot do anything about it anyway.

MPC555 debug port pinout from MPC555 manual, appears to be the same as SID803 pinout: