How to use TM100 transpoder to make new TOYOTA G key?

How to use TM100 transpoder key programmer to make new TOYOTA G when you lost all original key

1) Remove IMMO box from instrument cluster
2) user XPROG M to read out the 93C66 data and save it to your PC.
3) Open TM100 software, find 93C66 module of Toyota Camry after 2005
4) Clike “open file” to upload 93C66 data you saved before.
5) choose “use original facotry chip”, click “OK”, Choose “Key position 1” to write start. Then TM100 will generate the new data.
6) Write this data back to 93C66.
7) Install the IMMO BOX back to your car. Use the new key to start your car directly.

TM100 now update to the latest V3.09. it add the following information:

     1. Add keymaker: China vehicle, Delphi Immobox, 93C66, ID48. Models: GreatWall Hover,Wingle,Voolex C10,C20,C30,V200,V240,X240, ZhongHua;
       1. Bugs fix;
       EEPROM is 93C66B, SOT-23. You can read it by XProg using Microchip 93xx66B. The wire schematic from 6-PIN to 8-PIN can be got from technical support;
TM100 we support the Basic module and Full authorization module
Here is the link for toyota G chip:
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