Original Xhorse VVDI Benz VVDI MB TOOL key programmer including BAG calculation

VVDI Benz VVDI MB TOOL key programmer is new released by Xhorse company. Which main function is used to programming keys for Benz vehicles.

Compared with other Benz Programmer, This one not only add the calculating function for BAG calculation, but also support calculate pin, CS, MAC from internet (online).

If you have bought Condor key cutting machine (Item number SL252 IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007 Master  or SL273 Original iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master ). Then price for you is 1200USD. Password is free to get once a day. For second time, price is 35USD. It needs 4 minutes for collection, and 2 minutes for calculation.
If you do not have condor key cutting machine, then price is 1903EUR not including shipping.





More information: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi-benz-vvdi-mb-tool-bag.html