How to change the language for VDM UCANDAS

UCANDAS VDM is the best OEM-level diagnostic products, With it, you can read data stream, reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, component activation and immobilizer key coding and so on.

VDM UCANDAS support multi-language,including English,German,French,Spanish, italian,Farsi,Portuguese,Japanese,Chinese Traditional,Chinese Simplified,Czech,Hungarian Arabic,Russian Global Edition,Finnish,Korean,Turkish,Vietnamese, Dutch

But Default language is English, if you need other language,how to change the language for VDM UCANDAS to the one you want?

1) If you need other language beside english, when you get the tool, please send your serail number and language to us, we will open the authorization for you.


2) After software authorization is opened. Then follow our software update video to download and install the update tool and other software
how to install WIFI UCANDAS full system VDM/OEM Automotive Diagnosis System

how to update WIFI UCANDAS full system VDM/OEM Automotive Diagnosis System

3) If you have doubts for language changing, here is the instruction for the video:
a. First you will see to go official website to download the update tool.
b. After you get the notification of your software language is opened. Install the update tool and connect VDM to PC. After PC read the VDM machine, Click update.
[This is the downloaded update tool]

c. You will enter the interface needs you fill in your information. Then register your information. (Keep remember these information, if you use wrong register information to log in the official website in the future, it will meet error prompt)
d. In the upper right corner of update interface, after your software is opened ready, you can choose the language you want to download. Then your car software will be downloaded and installed as the language you choose. (This language is for car software. Attention: Language for Car model software and software operation menu is different. Do mot garble it. Only this two language are the same, it will display the car model. Otherwise it will not show any car model after download.)

e. Back to the update tool, you will see the operation language menu. Setup this language to the one you want. Then all the language will be set to the one you want.
[language setup on update tool]
[Click this update menu, then you will enter update interface]

f. There are two uses for update tool: if you do not have the car list, then it is the update tool. After you download the car software and install it ready, then it is the diagnose software.