WinKFP Guide: how to change VIN number on BMW

How to change VIN number on BMW? tool32 vin change? bmw winkfp change vin? This is a short instruction on how to use WinKfp to program BMW modules.
You need a BMW ICOM emulator (icom a2, icom a3 or icom next clone…all ok); maybe a cheap K+DCAN usb cable is enough to do this. It depends on your budget.


And working software guarantees your success! Spend some dollars to get tested bmw software, even crack versions ok; it’ll better than download on webs for free, usually with unknown security and functionality. This is a site you can trust in:


Here are the Winkfp guide with detailed steps…

  1. Go into INPA and print off the complete UIF page with ZB# and programming info.
    2. Close INPA completely and launch WinKFP.
    3. I use comfort mode since it does everything that I need it to do.
    4. Once you are in comfort mode, Click on Choose ZUSB and make sure that the programming data is loaded in there. If you don’t have any data in there you will need to load it before you proceed to the next step.
    5. Close the window that is showing the programming data and click on Enter Vin, Enter your complete VIN # of the car you are programming, and click OK, Vin will show up at the top of the program if it accepted it.
    6. Click on Enter ZUSB and enter the ZB# from the UIF printoff from INPA, and click ok.
    7. It should load the next window and show the module # and something in the right screen. You can leave those as default and click ok.
    8. Click on Done, which will bring you to the programming page.
    9. Make sure you car is hooked up to a battery charger before you start the programming.
    10. Once you have everything good to go click on program and sit back and relax, it will go through and will say ” You have 1 time left to program this ECU” click OK and it will flash it.


The important note– if you flash the DME with WinKFP it will change the VIN to the one you type. If not, Tool32 can do it. (With tool 32 you must enter 18 )

However depending on DME, you may not be able to use a second hand DME to another car because of ISN issues.

You may also need to code it after flashing.

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