Free download Xhorse BMW Multi Tool V7.7 software

Xhorse BMW Multi Tool support key programming for CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS4 and 4+ including newer models. Multi-function, including key programmer, odometer correction, eeprom read and write, Synchronization codes and so on.
bmw multi tool obd2 key programmer ek 8 - Free download Xhorse BMW Multi Tool V7.7 software
BMW Multi Tool Highlights:
1. Software Version: V7.7
2. Language: English
3.Support programming keys for BMW CAS 1, CAS 2, CAS 3
4.Support programming keys for BMW CAS 4,You need to buy CAS4 adapter (Item number SK97-B).
5.Support make dealer key for CAS4 encrypted version,OBD and lost all keys,No need condor authorization, totally for free.NEW!!!
6.Compared with original AVDI, this BMW MULTI TOOL support add spare keys for CAS 3/3+, also support all key lost. While AVDI does not support.

What’s new about BMW Multi Tool V7.7:
1. Update Hungarian
2. Update 5M48H File,fix mileage error
3.Read key information via OBD2,get frequency, support check 315 LP type
4. Other bug fix

BMW Multi Tool Newest version V7.7 download:

BMW Multi Tool Use Tips:
1. Before running the BMT software you must connect the dongle and the hardware device to computer.
2. Pay attention to the function: Help->Device update. You can get the latest software version and firmware verion when you can access to internet.

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