How to setup clone UPA-USB v1.3 (red pcb) to work

I’m not able to use 1.3 on my china clone UPA 1.3 programmer, red pcb. The software I go from the vendor is the same install.exe, lic and dll file, it also had uuprog.exe which this thread is missing but when I copy all 3 files and run the “cracked” uuprog.exe I get an instant crash, software does not load. If I retain the original uuprog.exe then I am prompted for activation of the hardware device.

Has anybody overcome this problem yet?



Reply: Hi, I have a solution for those who want to run but can’t get it to work… I’ve only tested this on a 2014 Red UPA-USB device and it worked.


Note: bad UPA vs good UPA (i have the good one-left from

shit upa vs good upa 600x338 - How to setup clone UPA-USB v1.3 (red pcb) to work - How to setup clone UPA-USB v1.3 (red pcb) to work

You need to find and download a version of the crack folder which includes the uuprog.exe file AS WELL as the uuprog.dll file. I think most versions that you find will have a virus in the uuprog.exe file.. so you disable all other AV except for Windows Defender running on Win7. It will intercept the file and remove the virus leaving the rest of it in tact – you will see it is initially about 60k and reduces to about 28k once Defender has cleaned the file. Move this file along with the uprog.dll and uprog.lic file into the main program folder.

Disconnect usb device then launch uuprog.. it takes ages but eventually fires up. Then plug the usb device in and you will get the usual annoying activation screen. Type abc as user and abc as registration and click activate.

That’s it.. then it should activate and find your device.

I think the crack has moved the code of the original uuprog.exe into a uuprog.dll file as they are the same size.. then the tiny cracked 28k uuprog.exe just launches the original code from the dll file but tricks activation step. Most downloads of the crack are missing the amended uuprog.exe probably because it was stripped during upload because it contains a virus.




For people who having a problem with activation, copy and replaced the .exe file contained in the attachment in to the installation directory. Run the file and when ask for registration, use ABC as for name and password.!oewQRYYT!rl9eHFVf_p_WnzdCLICUpeAOWlQFZyshsepn2Y916rY
Good luck


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