Actia Multidiag clone,Buying Guide

I want to buy an Actia Multi diag China clone.
On the I see prices between 160-300USD.

What is the difference, only software version?
Can someone tell me which I should buy?

Will I be able to install 2016 software on cheap 160$ version?



Clone Actia Multidiag Reviews:


What you find is the Chinese version 2013.1
Version 2016 can not be determined, it is necessary to flash chips.
The Chinese version uses a broken software, legal will never be, you can not use the Internet at the time.



Of course. You can use 2016Multi diag software.
Just search in Fantomel posts, he prepared Virtual Machine with software 2016 that works with cloned unit.



I have the Multidiag 2014/1 clone, its a great tool for eobd and french cars, has alot of features for FAP regeneration, injector reset etc. When installing software do exactly as shown, yes its a kind of broken software, starts from scratch everytime you startup but is a hell of an interface anyway..I make a lot of PUGs and CITs and for that its a great tool (with the advantage of being possible to use on other cars
Its up to you, Interface is great, China is not so great..If you can live with that then you will be happy with it



How to choose a working Multidiag clone:


Clones are only VCI1 in yellow blue case, all chinese tools are the same, buy the cheapest multidiag ( advice with usb and rs232) and pay 10$ for parts, do rework and all will work ok. There is no sense to pay more for nothing since all clones need rework. Also china did not clone vci2, i think is no profit for them to use so many relay

Something like this you need with usb and rs232 like ori one and do the rework i posted:

High-quality Multidiag clone from China:




In conclusion,


No tool is perfect, clone even not so perfect, no matter which version.


The main difference between different version is on the vehicle cover. The newer software version, the more vehicles it covers.

V2014.01 Multi-Diag and V2013.02 Multi-Diag will enter the VCI number automatically, but other versions must enter the VCI number manually.


2011 Multi-Di @ g Access

I-2014 Multidiag Access

I-2015 Multidiag Access

2016 MULLER Multi-Diag ACCESS XS Diagnostic case
You all must understand that different profiles in actia activate different options of the program, so feuvert one of 2016 is one chopped profile with missing cars

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