Fgtech Ktag Kess unlock/read/write Simos PCR2.1

It helps how to unlock, read and writeSimos PCR2.1 from VW Golf VI 1.6tdi. Look here:


i have past last week trying many thinks on pcr2.1 and bench flashing .

everything written below is tested and confirmed working by me on 4 ecus /cars ,only on chinese clone not reworked unit : fgtech v54 , ktag 6.070 , kess v2 4.0.36 , ksuite up to 2.15


pcr 2.1 need to be as you know unlocked before writing .


I prefer ksuite to work on this ecu (kess or ktag) , ksuite seem to be more stable than fgtech on pcr but work too : i get error with fgtech on one pcr2.1 , i don’t know why , and no problem with ksuite .

Same day i try another pcr with fgtech and no problem , the one fgtech don’t want to work with work flawlessly with ksuite and car run ok .


So if you have both tools , prefer ksuite seem to be more stable .


After you get you ecu unlocked in boot mode , with fgtech just remove boot and left pin connection , and read or write on bench .


On ksuite tools , you can’t read or write with ktag , only unlock . (alientech need to work on it…)

with kess it’s ok , BUT , you can’t use the tricore module !


The problem is that the harness is plugged in the tricore module . so you have to build your own bench cable : just get a obd female plug on a scrapyard , and wire +12 gnd and can h/l (kline is not used but you can wire it it will make a universal bench cable) .


The trick to get communication error free on both fgtech and kess cable is to use a strong external psu .


when the tool id or read or write the ecu , the ecu will perform a kind of reset , and the big cap inside the ecu will go charging , causing a drop in voltage if your psu isn’t strong enough to handle it . THAT WILL CAUSE THE COMM ERROR . That’s the only thing you have to take care .


when i made test with many little psu (like one you get with your tools) i have seen 7 volts drop some time , so the ecu is shutting down and no comm .


you can use computer atx psu modded to work on bench (green wire plugged on ground to power on ) i think anything that can provide +12v 2A will be ok . i didn’t need more than 12v just a stable 12V . 14v unstable will not be ok lol


that’s why on the car you have no problem , car battery can handle the cap charging current .


There is no immo caused comm error on this ecu , psu is the problem !!


so in conclusion : good psu and obd home made bench cable , remove tricore module on kess v2= 100% tested bench flashing solution for pcr2.1 .



Many many many thanks to gzk of his contribution to the awesome write-up.

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