2002 E230 W210 All Keys Lost: VVDI PROG + VVDI MB Done!

Confirmed! Xhorse tools VVDI PROG + VVDI MB are able to program new keys to 2002 E230 with EZS W210 when all keys are lost.


In detail…


Purpose: Read with VVDI PROG and create key with VVDI MB


Car: Working on a 2002 E320 pulled the ezs and says it w210


Keys: All keys are lost


Tools: I have VVDI PROG with MB adapters and VVDI MB tool.




You need to desolder 64 legs MCU chip and read by Orange5 or AK500
If you never done something like this bring some junk yard EZS and practice at home
You really don’t want to practice on customers car


How to with Xhorse tools:


Vvdi mb for w210 direct not possible, read with VVDI PROG then rest VVDI MB