How to fix wiTech MicroPod 2 V17_04_27 is not registered


“Registration is needed
Device with serial number*** is not registered. Please check the knowledge
base to determine how to register a device”

wiTech MicroPod-II-software-download-issue-fix-1

Working Solution by engineer:

  1. Right click Witech Diagnostic Application-> Properties->Open file location

wiTech MicroPod-II-software-download-issue-fix-2

  1. Enter C:/Program Files (x86)/DCC Tools/wiTECH/client. Open app-config text filemicropod-ii-software-fix-3
  2. Find out “VerificationHash”, then the followed “Value”, change the first number to any value i.e change 6 to any number between 1-9.

Then save the text file. (Very important!!!)

wiTech MicroPod-II-software-download-issue-fix-4

Run Witech Micropod II software.
If it still display message” an internal registration error has occurred “, just close this windows to ignore it.


Tick off ” Offline work” at the left corner of screen, then you don’t need to login.

Click on “Finish”.


Problem Fixed.

Go on using wiTech MicroPod 2 to diagnose or program Chrysler.