(Solved) VVDI Prog Device Error, Pls check USB driver

Error: Device error, pls check usb driver


– Tested sw: 4.4.4 or 4.6.7 or 4.74
– FTDI driver: 2009-10-22 (the recommended one)
– The updater recognize the prog and it’s able to read serial and version (it’s 2.0, no need to upgrade)
– When unplugged the prog totally : no device detected or something
– Win7 x32 run as admin
– only the red led light


Steps to solve this: (solution form a DK fellow)

– Ftdi unistaller, another driver from the driver folder 2016-02-02driver.exe = not working at all
– Ftdi unistaller latest FTDI driver = device error check usb driver
– xp sp3, everthing again = same results
– win7 x64, everything again = same results
– win10 x64, everthing again = same results
– different usb ports, different cables including powered usb cable, different machines
– with external power (12v) and w/o

The VVdi prog is working with the owner pc (win7 x32, he using the old 2009 driver)



Tech support from pros:

You have to contact your reseller.

They will send back your programmer to the factory.

For me, obdexpress.co.uk is a good man of his word to trust in.

Items from the site are with relief. They did help me with the issue.

It’s fixed.

It seems they replaced or reprogrammed this ST32 microcontroller


FYI, some Chinese sellers are lazy in this case

In our case, the first time the reseller sent back the programmer with the following message “everything fine” of course it’s still in non-working condition because they are not sent the programmer to the factory.