Free download Renolink V1.87 V1.71 V1.69 V1.67 V1.52 V1.54 V1.49 for blue & red cable

Hello everyone. I have an OBDLink SX cable and I have seen that I can use the Renolink software. Does anyone have this software working with this interface? Thanks.

Yes sir

V1.87 Renolink free download:
Password: xxv3xl

Renolink V1.21 up to V1.71 free download!PhhD2KxK!fgrN6qNXhG-_P_k9yiHiX1EcgoVQnMzcC_z0pVal5S8

No password, need luck to test ok, thanks to DK member.

1.Renolink V1.87

V1.87 Renolink OBD2 for Renault ECU Programmer
Virginiser of steering assist for Renault Megane 4, Renault Scenic 4, Renault Kadjar and Renault Talisman.
With database from December 2019 added.

V1.87 Renolink

2.Renolink V1.67

Here V1.67….works with blue and red cable.

In testing and supposed to be OK in next week.



3.Here this is a clone no need activation and cheap:

Renolink V1.52:

Woks 100% OK


4.Renolink V1.54 activated:!rJs3UARA!Ca6ivXAmqq6wvpuyH1Hbn47o8tFEW3gCqsczwwJCjBs

activated for blue CABLE ALIEXPRESS

support : Laguna 3 , Megane 3 & Scenic 3 “phase 1” !!!!!!!!


  1. Here is link for v1.49 activated!n1gByaAD!AR_N5Vxf8AI8WZDYX-f6npq4GMP2IyaiEeD0LLmEOOk

PASS after Thanks + Reputation ( poster mikroel at DK forum).

before use plug red cable & open application ” INTERFACE PREPARE ” on desktop


  1. Or you by original from author Gabi, use google



do not put the renolink.dat to the blue cable because it will be used for business. That is why the project will end here.


That’s all.