(Solved)Passat b8 2015 Mileage Adjustment with OBDSTAR X300M No Work Problem

When I used the OBDSTAR X300M  to read Passat b8 2015 , but not write e say to use real key but car its keyless shown as below:

passa-b8-2015-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-01 passa-b8-2015-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-02 passa-b8-2015-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-03 passa-b8-2015-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-04 passa-b8-2015-odometer-correction-with-obdstar-x300m-05


Solutions from @mobel (DK forum), big thanks!😁

Take out the battery from the key. After that, put the hey near start button and press start. Try to find the correct position. It’s work…


Finally, it works.