How to repair HONDA Airbag With CG100

Confirmed!CG100 PROG III Can repair Airbag for Honda 77960-T9A-F411-M2

Here you go :

Model: Honda


Chip: R5F2154

Tools option: CG100 PROG III

1. The vehicle is powered off, remove the airbag computer, check the style and the chip

How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100- 1 How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100- 2

How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100- 3

How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100- 4

2. Open the CG100 special software, enter the corresponding operation interface, and wire according to the wiring diagram.

How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100- 5 How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100-6 How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100-7

3.After confirming that the wiring is correct, the device is powered on, operate it step by step according to the software prompts.


Note: Please do not touch any cables when it is reading.

How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100-9 How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100-10
Save file successfully.

How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100-11 How-to-repair-Honda-airbag-with-cg100-12

Note: Please do not touch any cables when it is repairing.


4. It will show “ Repair successfully”, please put the airbag computer back on car and test it if it is ok.—Done !