How to Repair Airbag For LandRover Aurora 2014 With CG100

How-to: repair LandRover Aurora 2014 airbag with CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices

Here you go:

Car type: 14 years Land Rover Aurora Airbag

No: DK62-14D374-AG

Tool Option: CG100 PROG III

Steps are as follows: 1. Check the vehicle.


  1. The airbag lights on all the time.


  1. Access professional decoder detection and clear the DTC.


  1. Disassemble the car, find the airbag computer board, confirm the chip.

How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-4 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-5

  1. Open the software, enter the corresponding operation interface, find the physical wiring diagram.

How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-6 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-7 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-8 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-9

  1. Perform physical wiring in a no-current environment and confirm that it is correct before powering on. After reading the data, please save the original data! If the software supports automatic repair, please repair it at the prompt of the software; if the software does not support repair temporarily, please select the custom operation, the first time consult the manufacturer’s technical staff or dealer( contact info: Email:  or
    WhatsApp: +86-18750906257)complete the operation under the direction of the manufacturer’s technical staff.

How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-10 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-11 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-12

(Note: Please do not touch any cables when it is reading.)

How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-13 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-14 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-15 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-16 How-to-Repair-airbag-for-LandRover-Aurora-2014-with-CG100-17

  1. After the repair is completed, please put the airbag computer board back to car. Connect Land Rover special inspection SDD detection, it did not show any DTC.


  1. The airbag light is off.


  1. The airbag repaired successfully!!