Fixed: KT200 “FTD2XX.dll was not found” System Error

Problem: KT200 ECU Programmer was interrupted to copy files, it prompts a “UpdateFirmware.exe – Errore di sistema”(Update Firmware.exe – System Error)


“L’esecuzione del codice non puo proseguire percheFTD2XX.dll non e stato trovato.Per risolvere il problema,prova a reinstallare il programma.”

(The execution of the code cannot continue because FTD2XX.dll was not found. To resolve the issue, try reinstalling the program.)


What’s the problem, any ideas?

fixed kt200 ftd2xx dll was not found system error - Fixed: KT200 "FTD2XX.dll was not found" System Error - Fixed KT200 Error_FTD2XX.dll was not found



The reason why caused the error is because the antivirus software is not disabled during KT200 installation.


To solve the issue, please close all antivirus software, then re-download & re-install KT200 software.


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favicon - Fixed: KT200 "FTD2XX.dll was not found" System Error - Fixed: KT200 "FTD2XX.dll was not found" System Error