KD-X2 Key DIY App Tutorial for Newbies

May 11, 2018 sales 0

This KeyDIY tutorial from members that have mastered the KD remote generating, kindly post a how-to’s here successfully generating and coding the remote from start to finish. First you need to know which is the correct remote profile to generate.   Who did you buy the KEYDIY KD-X2 device t Continue Reading →


CGDI BMW Feedback/ Support

April 24, 2018 sales 0

  CGDI Prog BMW tech support:     CGDI BMW Feedback: (updated in 04.2018)   19-03-2018, 11:04 AM Excellent tool so far. no bricks or problems. extremely fast for cas1, 2 & 3 for cas3+ if need downgr Continue Reading →


How to Use Lonsdor K518 Hex editor

April 13, 2018 sales 0

User manual:Lonsdor K518 Hex editor Instructions     1 Open Hex editor Enter K518 home screen, select【settings】 In【settings】menu, select【Hex editor】   【Hex editor】interface as shown  Back to home screen    Back to previous menu 2 Open file 【Hex editor】interface: Continue Reading →