How to install HiCOM driver software for Hyundai and Kia has newly extracted original HiCOM OBD2 diagnostic scanner for Hyundai and Kia. The OBD2 to USB HiCOM interface contains 10 multiplexed ISO9141 K-Lines, high-speed CAN-BUS, ISO15765, KWP2000, ISO9141 and analog measurement circuits. HiCOM covers more vehicle models comparing with Continue Reading →

How to use EEPROM adapter of OBDSTAR X100 pro key programmer

EEPROM adapter should be work together with original OBDSTAR X100 pro auto key programmer to carry out EEPROM programming for some models. How to use the EEPROM adapter? 1) The EEPROM adapter should be purchase additionally. 2) You need to provide us your OBDSTAR X-100 Pro device serial number. W Continue Reading →

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