How to solve Cadillac CT6 2016 Smart All Keys Lost

Here is a solution for Cadillac CT6 2016 Smart All Keys Lost via  OBDSTAR X300 PRO.


Two smart keys

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 key programmer

Pin Code to car (get pin code by VPC-100 or other calculators)


Connect OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 key programmer with vehicle
Select Vehicles


Select Immobilizer
Select GM
Select GM V30.44


Select Immo/Remote function


Select vehicle make: Cadillac


Select CT6
Select Immobiliser


Select vehicle year: 2016


Select All keys lost
Press start button once

Put the smart key into the card slot,take other smart key out of the car,press ENTER to continue.
The position of card slot is as follows:
1. In the armrests
2.Below the cup holder
3.Near the ashtray
4.Glove compartment


Switch igntion off
Configuring the system,please wait


OBDSTAR Key Master require to enter 4-digit pin code
Enter pin code and confirm

Verifiy the security code
Configuring the system,please wait for about 12 minutes


Erease success

Press start button once

X300 Pro3 prompt whether to program next key? Press ENTER to continue
Remove key from card slot and out of car, and change another smart key, put the seconds key into the card slot
Press start button once
whether to program next key?

Press ENTER, turn ignition OFF


Press start button for 12 sec

Release start button and then press ENTER

Press start button to swtich ignition on

Switch ignition off


Press the brake and press the start button to start the engine

Switch ignition off

Remove smart key, press LOCK, and then press UNLOCK, press ENTER to continue

Test new smart key is working


Programming Success!

where to buy obdstar x300 pro and VPC-100???

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