XPROG-M V5.55 Box program MC S9S12HA48CLL chip

I have several clone ECU (IMMO) programmer (Kwp2000 plus, upa usb 1.3 green, xprog-m v5.0 and new xprog v5.55).

KWP 2000 plus ecu flasher is the cheapest and old stuff for DIY starting. For secured Xprog-m is better, uusp upa usb is good but very limited for secured mcu, it can do only some 908 with know security sequences. UPA works better on MOTOROLA chips.

To use UPA USB, you must have knowledge to use with processor and to use Xprog-m, you must be good in soldering/desoldering.

Xprog M box v5.0 tuning kit comes without dongle which makes it easier install then v5.5.5 with USB dongle. Xprog 5.0 works good but do not read some mcu authorizations, like CAS3. So I go for v5.55.

I did not buy the T420 laptop with xprog v5.55 soft, I kept using well v5.55 on a XP laptop with correct version of Adobe 10. I will not take risk on load in on win7. Not bad, there is a video installation guide for reference.

This was the first test result with mc s9s12ha48cll chip programming in-circuit (BDM) with x-prog v5.55 ecu programmer.

Some photo screenshots taken bellow:










The pictures are clear (soldering/connectors etc) so I am not going to explain it in detail. The V5.55 is said to add BMW CAS4 decryption, I have no chance to test it yet.