XPROG-M Programmer 5.5.5 Read EEPROM FLASH of Audi A6 2005

Sharing!! pin out MCU with XPROG-M programmer, to read/write EEPROM and flash memory of 2005 Audi A6.

Device i used:
Lenovo T420
XPROG-M ECU programmer v5.55

Audi A6 Steering Lock 2005 with OEM 4F0905852B
MCU= 3L40K secured
read by XPROG-M
use adapter 1-002-0017
Eeprom + Flash
xprog-m-pinout (1)
I have done 4pc of this unit last month.
Short cables max 12cm long.
When it don’t read always try to lift reset pin
(I have never done it but some Xprog is sensitive and then try lift reset)
Operate by following my instruction, one friend used the adapter (BDM) and wires with a length of 10 cm. RESET leg lift.
xprog-m-pinout (2)
(the program automatically detect MC9S12 device type, flash memory size abd bypass MCU security.
Motorola HC(S)12-secured

MCU is dead! Work 100%
xprog-m-pinout (3)
xprog-m-pinout (4)
xprog-m-pinout (5)
xprog-m-pinout (6)
xprog-m-pinout (7)