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VVDI Prog vs Xprog Programmer

August 9, 2017 sales 0

Topic: Xhorse VVDI Prog and Xprog, which is better?   Type VVDI Prog Xprog MC9S12DP crack Yes Yes MC9S12XD crack Yes Yes MC9S12XE crack Yes Yes MC65HC(9)08 crack Yes No CDC32XX crack Will be available Yes M35080V3 erase encrypted sites Yes Yes M35080V6 erase encrypted site Continue Reading →

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ATMEGA64 Repair Chip for Xprog-m User Manual

March 7, 2016 sales 0

This is the user manual of ATMEGA64 Repair Chip which can help you update the XPROG-M programmer from V5.0 or V5.3 to V5.55, no dongle needed, full authorization support, including CAS4! Main parts in the manual: ATMEGA64 Repair Chip Features Pin Configuration ATmega103 and ATmega64 Compatibi Continue Reading →

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2014 UPA and XPROG-M differ in chip tuning

March 2, 2016 sales 0

Here’s the tested result of tuning chip differences between UPA-USB and Xprog-m ECU programmer. UPA USB chip tuning is good in doing MOTOROLA chip while X-prog m supports on-board and in-circuit programming of better following chips including Motorola 68HC05, 68HC08, 68HC11, 68HC(S)12 family MCU Continue Reading →