2019 Xprog M V5.84 install on win7 : read eeprom possible

2019 Xprog M V5.84 is able to read EEPROM, not like the 2018 version. This post shows how to install 2019 Xprog M V5.84 on win7 and read EEPROM. An important tip for sharing: before open Xprog 5.84, please run the “5.84 registry” several times.


2019 Xprog M V5.84 download link:

  1. Free source:https://mega.nz/#!hdYVnCSD!zeLsNGjFAmF2B4RmjC42fWQTPPSx8aR1uxcUHziCN1U

need dongle

This version won’t lose the software authorization.

  1. A reliable source (tested ok and safe)



Video demo:

Procedure on 2019 Xprog M V5.84 setup on win7:

Extract”New 5.84 software”.


Open “New 5.84 software”, then “5.84 AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std”, then “Setup”.

2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-01 2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-2


Setup the Adobe Reader XI.



Read “See before use” txt.



Copy ” 5.84 registry” and paste it on the desktop.



Copy “English 5.84 Software” and paste it into the disk C:

2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-6 2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-7

Search “XprogDesktop” and send it on the desktop.



Open “New XPProg” and send “Xpprog-BOX drive” to the desktop.


The files all you need are “Xpprog -box drive“, “5.84 registry” and “XprogDesk“, the other files can be deleted into the cycle.


At this time, you get a message at the right corner of the desktop reading “Device driver software was not successfully installed”.

The next is to right click “Computer” then “Manage”, then “Device manage”, then “XProg” and to “Update driver software“.



Browse for driver software on your computer.

Maybe you need to update the driver software again until the xprog 5.84 driver is recognized by the computer.

2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-12 2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-13 2019-xprog-m-v5-84-registry-14


Right click on “5.84 registry”, select “Merge”, then “Yes”.

One more time to repeat the same procedure.

2019-xprog-m-v5-84-registry-15 2019-xprog-m-v5-84-registry-16


Right click on “Xprog Desktop -Shotcut”, select “Run as administrator”.

2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-17 2019-xprog-m-v5-84-reads-eeprom-18


Select “Ports COM4”.



You see Xprog 5.84 has “Serial EEPROM” option.

2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-20 2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-21


For example, read AT93C46 of Atmel.

2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-22 2019-xprog-m-v5-84-install-on-win7-23


Now it’s up to you to operate what you need.