Xprog connections for both TMS and 24c16 eeprom to read

Car model and year: FORD 6000 CD



Need connections for both TMS and 24c16 EEPROM to read.

connections with J-link – car prog –XprogIprog … if possible


Experience for sharing:

A long time back I did a cd6000 by scouring the internet. only needed to change 1 byte in it but lost that data .. I did it with Xprog-M . ( took me a whole weekend but the information is available out there )


Look at the connections of x-prog:

j-link pinout

24c16 Smd

Ford TMS470


PS: You need to reset TMS470 and 24c16 also.


For more V6.12 XPROG pinouts, have one like this: